UTR regrind service


We are able to re-grind, following the original geometry, all types of tools typically used in the workshop.

Whether they are in HSS, carbide or brazed we are able to regenerate the profile of drills, gun drills, milling cutters, cusps, countersinks, taps, reamers, countersinks, disc cutters, cutting discs and turning tools.

UTR recoat service


We always recommend our customers to perform a surface coating on the tools.

The coating allows the cutting edge to be protected from wear and chip rubbing, increasing its useful life.

Depending on the type of material to be processed, we accompany the customer in choosing the most suitable coating.

UTR logistica affilatura


We provide a real regrind management system: the Roseplastic® logistics system box.

In fact, plastic boxes of different sizes are supplied (depending on need) complete with expanded sponge trays.

These trays have a particularity, they are high density sponges with recesses inside which tools can be housed. By placing one tray on top of the other and placing the stack inside the box, you are ready for safe transport without the risk of breakages and chipping of the tools. 

UTR icona affilatura

Extension of tool life

UTR icona efficienza

Restoration of tool efficiency

UTR icona risparmio

Economic saving

UTR icona ambiente

Protection of the environment and resources

UTR attrezzature


Given the growing and important demand, the FIXTURES department was created to expand and implement the range of services offered.

We are available to customers to provide advice, experience and support for studies and projects of equipment with various types of locking (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic) for processing on CNC machines.

UTR programmazione CAD-CAM


CAD-CAM programming represents an important resource for optimizing the production process.

Thanks to this technology, we are able to 

  • reduce production times
  • minimize errors
  • improve overall accuracy
  • meet the highest standards
UTR assistenza bordo macchina


Possibility of having a specialized technician on board the machine to better understand and deal with any chip removal process of any type and for any material.

UTR icona studio e analisi

Study and Analysis

UTR icona progettazione disegni

Design and Drawings

UTR icona programmazione cad-cam

CAD-CAM programming

UTR icona costruzione