The industries of the manufacturing world have specific needs: from the constantly evolving materials to be processed to the complex shapes of the pieces to be produced. Our technicians work closely and in partnership with end users in all industries, to provide the most suitable cutting solution for each sector.

  • We are a group that has around 40 professional figures in continuous training and personal growth

  • We always manage to be proactive and able to indicate to our customers the innovative solutions useful for increasing and improving company performance

  • Today we can cover the trade of products related to chip removal and lubricating-cooling oils throughout Italy and with collaborations and synergies in Europe, America and the Far East



In the automotive sector, the choice of tools plays a fundamental role by providing industry operators with the tools necessary to carry out a wide range of maintenance, repair and customization jobs.

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The textile sector is involved in the production and maintenance of specific machinery such as looms, fabrics or dyeing machines. The quality of the tools used can significantly influence the efficiency and precision of textile production processes.

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In the firearms sector, our experience is fundamental for the production, maintenance and customization of firearms and related parts. The precision and quality of standard tools, but especially of special ones, are crucial to guarantee process safety and high performance.

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The pipe fittings sector produces and supplies fittings and tubes for plumbing systems, gas pipelines, air conditioning systems and other industrial and domestic applications. Fittings include a wide range of products, such as threaded fittings, weld fittings, compression fittings and much more.

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To process advanced materials such as aluminum alloys, titanium and composites we must have quality and precision in the manufacturing processes, because they are crucial in order to guarantee safety and performance.

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These valves are designed to withstand the extreme conditions and high temperatures typical of oil and natural gas extraction and transportation. Oil & gas valves are used in various stages of production, including the extraction, transportation, processing and distribution of oil and gas. They ensure flow control and system safety, minimizing the risk of accidents and leaks.

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Hydraulic valves are fundamental components in various industrial sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, agriculture and construction, to regulate the flow and pressure of the fluid within hydraulic circuits. This sector requires specific skills in fluid dynamics, mechanics and automation, to guarantee the correct design and operation of the valves in compliance with safety and quality regulations.

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These valves can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, from automation to machine tools, from robotics to energy production. Pneumatic valves are essential to ensure the correct functioning of pneumatic systems and help optimize the efficiency and safety of industrial operations.

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The bar processing sector includes all activities related to the metallurgical industry and the processing of metallic materials in the form of bars. This includes the production of raw metal bars, the mechanical processing of bars to create finished or semi-finished products, and the manufacturing of metal components and structures using bars as raw material.

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The mold and dies sector deals with the design, construction and maintenance of molds used for the production of mechanical components by hot, cold, injection or compression moulding. We have the right experience in processing materials and the ability to use CAD/CAM programming for mold design.

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The activities carried out in this sector include the study and design of molds based on customer specifications, the creation of technical drawings and three-dimensional models, the processing of materials for the production of molds and finally their development and maintenance.

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In the energy sector, carbide tools are used for the processing of components and pieces of machinery that are used in energy production plants. These tools must be extremely durable and wear-resistant, making them ideal for machining hard materials such as steel, titanium and special alloys used in the energy industry.

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